Unit 1: Auxiliary verbs – Polite English and my effort to improve English

Today i decide to get a high qualification ( degree) in English – IEISL or TOIEC , so i’m planning to build a plan for myself.

Everyday is one unit that consists of:


_Listening and Speaking

_English song


“Dream never die,even when i die”.


A. Auxiliary verbs:

1. Auxiliary verbs are followed by  a verb ending in – ing or -ed

The boy is flying a kite

– The boy has closed the window ( an action that happened in the past and there is a result now)

– I do love you ( emphatic “do” to express : i really love you,love you by all my soul)

2. Meaning of Auxiliary verbs:

a. Will: be willing to ; intend to( intend to: co y dinh,co y muon lam dieu gi)


i will open the door for you

i will be there at 8 am

b. Shall: intend to ( formal), have decided to do something

Where shall we seat?

We shall ask the committee

committeee: uy ban

executive committee : uy ban chap hanh

standing committee: uy ban thuong truc

c. May/Can: be possible to do

May i help you? or : can i help you?

it may rain tomorrow

Can fish live in the river?

d. Can/Could/May: be allowed to do


May i have one?

You can take both of them

e. Must: be logically certain,be necessary


This step must be next

It must be her purse

f. Must, have to : be required to do


Everyone must be on time

They have to work late

g. Should/Ought to/Had better: be obliged to do

Note that obliged have 2 meaning:

– biet on. Example: I’m much obliged to you for your help

– cuong ep,cuong buc ( ngoai dong tu)


You had better do your homework before go to school.

Your mother should help us in this problem.

h. Should/could have done : was not true,did not happen


They could have won,but they did not

She should have read that exercise carefully, but she didn’t

i. Used to/Would: express an action that you did in the past ( not going to now)

I used to get up late when i was young, but when i was 15, it didn’t happened anymore.

lyric: lang man,tru tinh

epic: su thi

dramaric: kich nghe

epic poetry,dramatic poetry,lyric poetry

emphatic, emphatically

inform: thong bao


defeat (n); su that bai ( cua mot ke hoach),su thua tran

defeat(v): su danh thang,danh bai,,lam that bai

medicine – medication – refrigerate – refrigerated – emergency – consult

– keep out of the reach of children

And then will be an article to practice using  verbs and  vocabulary:

Please keep this medicine refrigerated. Do not store in temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius. Keep out of the reach of children and do not give to children under 6 years of age. In the case of overdose,take the patient to the emergency room ( phong cap cuu) immediately. Consult your doctor if you are already taking other medications.



refrigerated (v): lam lanh,uop lanh

– keep out of the reach of children

– in the case of an overdose

– take patient to the emergency room

– consult your doctor if you are already taking other medications

– accelerate : lam nhanh,thuc cho mau le

– commerce – commercial

succeed – success – succession ( su ke thua,su ke tiep)

– Sustainable : co the chung minh duoc, co the xac nhan duoc .

– indicator: bo phan chi thi ( display some information on the screen of Television, Computer…

– economy: kinh te

-long term: dai han ( long -term plan: ke hoach dai han)


B. Listening and Speaking: enhanced your level:







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8 ways to thank you

informal :

– thanks

– many thanks

formal :

– thank you very much

– thank you so much

– thank you kindly

– i don’t thank you enough

– i don’t know how to thank you

– thank you for your all your help


i can see the first lift falling,it’s all yellow and nice.

It’s so very cold outside

like the way i’m feeling inside


evil eye

to see eye to eye

eyes are the window ………….( don’t remember)

someone protected themselves from evil eyes: cross their fingers, cross their arms…


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Eye idiom

– evil eye : you can bet on it

– peppy ( adj) – tu my,nghia my: hang hai

– some people protected themselves from evil eye: cross their fingers, cross their arms,….

– thank you very much for your question

– deserve: dang,xung dang

– eyesore: diu chuong mat

– eyes is window to the soul

– negotiate: (kinh te,kinh doanh): dam phan,thuong luong,dan xep



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Notice to All Employees

As we enter the cold and flu season, the management wants to remind all employees to wash their hands after using the restroom and  before returning to work. This is especially important for cooks, waiters and waitresses, As most of you are aware,germs,viruses and bacteria are passed on mainly through hand contact. Here at the Happy Sandwich Restaurant, hygiene and cleanliness are our number one priority. This policy will be strictly enforced. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

– germ (noun)

– aware ( adj)

– hygiene

– bacteria(n)

– virus ( notice about spelling)

– cleanliness

– this policy will be strictly enforced

from: TOEIC


ps: i love you


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Dung day,tiep tuc buoc di

Mat het tat ca, trong tam tri thuc su chang biet lam gi bay gio. Dieu hy vong mong manh cuoi cung cung tan vo theo thoi gian, buon  chan va dau kho,nhung biet lam sao

Lai goi cho nguoi do,khi nao do khong chiu noi sao minh lai goi cho Cuimia, biet lam sao khi tam tri mach bao rang khong nen con trai tim khong chiu nghe loi. Minh chua tung dau hang so phan va cung khong bao gio co  nghi dau hang du rang co ra sao. Troi chua sup do,ke ca co sup di chang nua minh van phai tiep tuc song va tiep tuc di tren con duong minh da chon

Minh nho co ay,nho giong noi,nho khuon mat va nho that nhieu thu khac. Thoi gian troi di tuong chung nhu moi chuyen se dan lui vao di vang ma sao kho khan qua,cang muon quen di cang nhung nho va thu ma nguoi ta goi la tinh yeu cang manh liet hon bao gio het

Minh se quay ve khi nao minh du suc de lo cho nguoi con gai minh yeu thuong.Lieu co con co hoi de quay lai khong khi thoi gian lam xoa nha ky uc. Ngay hom nay nghi viec tren cong ty thuc tap ma khong bao mot cau. Ngu mot giac dai,tinh day thay nhe nhang hon va cung de chiu hon mot chut

Cam giac trong vang va co don hon bat cu luc nao truoc do ma minh tung gap phai,roi se ra sao nhi? Minh phai tiep tuc dung len,tiep tuc bat dau tu noi minh vap nga,minh nho Cuimia ngoc nghech va buong binh, nho co ay biet chung nao. Lieu o noi xa xam giua 2 mien,cach xa hang ngan cay so,lieu rang co ay co nghi den minh,lieu rang thoi gian dan troi qua,minh so cam giac don phuong. Minh da va se yeu nguoi con gai nhieu den the nao.

minh da tung vap nga,chua co luc nao minh chiu that bai qua 30s, vet thuong nhu khac sau vao trong tam tri,minh phai vuot qua,minh se va tin rang minh se vuot qua va di den cai dich cuoi cung cua cuoc song va uoc mo,uoc mo ve mot gia dinh ma o do co minh,co nguoi con gai minh yeu thuong .

Tu bo yahoo,facebook va moi thu khac. Minh da tu hua se ko nhin thay mot chut gi ve Cui mia, lieu rang lam nhu vay la dung hay sai? lieu rang se the nao , trong the gioi worldpress nay it nhat cung chi co mot minh minh,doc than va co don. Trai tim minh bang gia that roi, nhung tai sao sau tham trong tam hon minh,hinh bong Cuimia sao ro mon mot nhu vay. No giong nhu ngon lua,se ngay cang bung chay manh liet hon. Minh co the ngan can no bung len den bao gio?

P/s: I love you

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Today,dream about Mama

I know, i miss her so much

good job

and spend my time for relaxing.

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Unit 4: Step by step


1. booth: gian hang tai trien lam

2. brochures:  tai lieu noi ve cong dung sp ( cuon sach mong)

3. head office= main office



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