English. Let’s go

new words:

on the air – off the air

to miss ( some place) – nho mot noi nao do. Do you miss Newyork

move : don nha Ex: i moved here several years ago

pretty often: kja thuong xuyen . Ex: But i go there pretty often.

on ( sap dien): Her show  is on next : tiep theo la chuong trinh cua co ay

about to begin: sap bat dau

Funtioning in bussiness : tieng anh thuong mai

Host: Nguoi dieu khien tieng anh.

language function: chuc nang ngon ngu ( cach dung ngon nhu nhu the nao)

Bussiness trip:  chuyen di vi cong viec, cong tac

Participant: Nguoi tham du

Negotiations: thuong luong /ni,gouʃi’eiʃn/\

Conduct ( chi huy, dieu hanh, dieu khien) bussiness : dieu hanh kinh doanh, cong viec

Regular fearture: muc thuong xuyen

Linguistics: ngon ngu khoa hoc

Doccumentary: phim phong su hay tai lieu

Background: hoc van cua ai do

BA : Bachelor of Arts Degree: bang cu nhan

MBA : master of bussiness Administration degree: bang cao hoc quan tri kinh doanh

Consulting : co van

Consultant: nguoi co van

Take a break: nghi giai lao


About Ha Nguyen

San sang truoc moi thu thach. Yeu cong viec Tan huong va kham pha y nghia cuoc song cuoc song, hanh phuc gia dinh, ban be, nguoi than.
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