Unit 1: Auxiliary verbs – Polite English and my effort to improve English

Today i decide to get a high qualification ( degree) in English – IEISL or TOIEC , so i’m planning to build a plan for myself.

Everyday is one unit that consists of:


_Listening and Speaking

_English song


“Dream never die,even when i die”.


A. Auxiliary verbs:

1. Auxiliary verbs are followed by  a verb ending in – ing or -ed

The boy is flying a kite

– The boy has closed the window ( an action that happened in the past and there is a result now)

– I do love you ( emphatic “do” to express : i really love you,love you by all my soul)

2. Meaning of Auxiliary verbs:

a. Will: be willing to ; intend to( intend to: co y dinh,co y muon lam dieu gi)


i will open the door for you

i will be there at 8 am

b. Shall: intend to ( formal), have decided to do something

Where shall we seat?

We shall ask the committee

committeee: uy ban

executive committee : uy ban chap hanh

standing committee: uy ban thuong truc

c. May/Can: be possible to do

May i help you? or : can i help you?

it may rain tomorrow

Can fish live in the river?

d. Can/Could/May: be allowed to do


May i have one?

You can take both of them

e. Must: be logically certain,be necessary


This step must be next

It must be her purse

f. Must, have to : be required to do


Everyone must be on time

They have to work late

g. Should/Ought to/Had better: be obliged to do

Note that obliged have 2 meaning:

– biet on. Example: I’m much obliged to you for your help

– cuong ep,cuong buc ( ngoai dong tu)


You had better do your homework before go to school.

Your mother should help us in this problem.

h. Should/could have done : was not true,did not happen


They could have won,but they did not

She should have read that exercise carefully, but she didn’t

i. Used to/Would: express an action that you did in the past ( not going to now)

I used to get up late when i was young, but when i was 15, it didn’t happened anymore.

lyric: lang man,tru tinh

epic: su thi

dramaric: kich nghe

epic poetry,dramatic poetry,lyric poetry

emphatic, emphatically

inform: thong bao


defeat (n); su that bai ( cua mot ke hoach),su thua tran

defeat(v): su danh thang,danh bai,,lam that bai

medicine – medication – refrigerate – refrigerated – emergency – consult

– keep out of the reach of children

And then will be an article to practice using  verbs and  vocabulary:

Please keep this medicine refrigerated. Do not store in temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius. Keep out of the reach of children and do not give to children under 6 years of age. In the case of overdose,take the patient to the emergency room ( phong cap cuu) immediately. Consult your doctor if you are already taking other medications.



refrigerated (v): lam lanh,uop lanh

– keep out of the reach of children

– in the case of an overdose

– take patient to the emergency room

– consult your doctor if you are already taking other medications

– accelerate : lam nhanh,thuc cho mau le

– commerce – commercial

succeed – success – succession ( su ke thua,su ke tiep)

– Sustainable : co the chung minh duoc, co the xac nhan duoc .

– indicator: bo phan chi thi ( display some information on the screen of Television, Computer…

– economy: kinh te

-long term: dai han ( long -term plan: ke hoach dai han)


B. Listening and Speaking: enhanced your level:








About Ha Nguyen

San sang truoc moi thu thach. Yeu cong viec Tan huong va kham pha y nghia cuoc song cuoc song, hanh phuc gia dinh, ban be, nguoi than.
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